From $1,000 to $4,000 daily gross profit – without increasing the PPC budget!

How aNavigator increased the profitability of a product by 400% in just 2 weeks. Gross profit increased from $1,000/day to $4,000/day – without any increase to the PPC budget. Organic unit sales increased from 45/day to 125/day – almost 3X increase!

From $3k to $60k monthly gross profit in 2 weeks!

How aNavigator took a product that was in decline and turned it into a profit generating machine. Gross profit increased 20X from $100/day to $2,000/day, while organic sales trebled from 30 units/day to 100 units/day.

Aggressive Amazon Launch, gross profit in 3 weeks!

How aNavigator profitably launched a product and attracted 50-60 units/day of organic sales within the first month. $1,400/day of gross profit just in 3 weeks. Reached organic rankings with main keywords within 1 month with an organic conversion rate of ~28% (7-day average).

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