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We help Growth Minded Amazon Brands with highly converting products become niche leaders with guarantee!

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Case Studies

How aNavigator increased the profitability of a product by 400% in just 2 weeks.

Aggressive Amazon Launch, $1,400/day of gross profit just in 3 weeks.

Over $2,500 in gross profit and more than 100 units sold organically just in two weeks!

Brand owners shouldn’t manage Amazon PPC

Your business needs effective, full-time focused management of Amazon PPC, Organic positions, Coupons, Promotions, etc for being visible by Amazon customers that came to buy. But you’ve been in business long enough to know that if you don’t do it on the world class level your competitors will.

You can’t be the Data Scientist, PPC manager, Listing troubleshooter and grow your business at the same time. As an Amazon Seller you have always too much of issues to worry about.

Outsourcing Amazon PPC shouldn’t Be Hit & Miss

...yet that’s what you get if you try hiring a freelancer or using a “AI” tool. Hit-and-miss quality, or worse: Lots of waste budget and losing your market share.

Not to mention the headaches and time it takes to recruit, test, train, and manage your inhouse PPC team. And what about all the legwork that PPC managers don’t do, like monitoring competitors, following market tactics, monitoring new players in the niche? Doing all that busy-work yourself will keep your to-do list underwater for months!

An Efficient & Effective Solution

The whole point of Revenue Management is to conquer all possible “placement” organic and sponsored and do it consistently enough to get the maximum market share. That requires a sharp focus, ongoing commitment, and an incredible amount of in-depth research to keep up with your competitors and deliver the value to end consumers.

But how can you make that happen when, as the founder, you have so many hats to wear and hardly enough time? How do you manage all the complicated Amazon Ad tools when you need to complete or oversee a million tasks every single day?

You don’t. Because we DO!

Free Yourself to Grow Your Business

When you work with aNavigator, you don’t just invest in world class PPC management and attract your perfect customers. You also buy your time back and become free again to invest it into growing your company to the level it deserves.

You didn’t get into business to spend your time hustling with keywords,spreadsheets,bulk files. It’s time you got back to focusing your invaluable time and energy on what matters the most and what you do best: growing your business and developing your products.

A Proven System

aNavigator began with a simple mission: To make Revenue Management easy and effective for businesses.
Our proven system, streamlined process, and expert team have you covered every step of the way. From in-depth research and planning growth strategy for your specific niche to implementing it in the most responsible way. All tailored for your growth goals and inventory constraints.

We’ve spent years refining our end-to-end Revenue Management process & system so you don’t have to. In other words: aNavigator has your Amazon Revenue covered. On daily basis, we even check our clients products on weekends!

How it works

Growth Expert Call

Request a consultation call to talk about growth of your business.

Growth Roadmap

We’ll interview you, research your products, listings, niche,competitors, plan your growth roadmap defined by Revenue/Profit goals and get your input to ensure we're off to a great start.

Bring your growth plan to action

We handle the entire process from monitoring your listings to manage PPC campaigns and following the niche tactics.

Growth Roadmap

Want to grow to the next level and have PPC experts in your team?

We will give our most valuable asset – our experience and knowledge from hundreds of different Amazon niches to your team to execute!

Our Growth Roadmap includes :

What types of Amazon Ad tools and how to use them specifically in your Niche to bring much more of the amazon traffic to your products.

Detailed list of keywords,product targeting to focus your spend, so most of your Ad budget will transform in your future profits

Detailed market positioning recommendation on how to improve your listing to meet the current marketplace situation to make more visits to your amazon page become a customer

exact recommendations on price strategy that you can use to increase your market presence 

2 hours Free Audit call to explain all the steps and reasons behind them so your team will execute them to the best.

Done-For-You From End-to-End

Revenue Management White Gloves Done For You Service!

Working with aNavigator is different from working with a PPC Agency. We not just manage all the complexity of Amazon ( and outside Amazon) Advertising Tools. We committed to the same KPIs as you are : Revenue Growth, Gross Profit, Total ACoS.

Done for you Service includes:

  • full management of all the Amazon Advertising tools, price/coupon/promotion management - get maximum from all of your Ad budget
  • Daily monitoring your organic positions, and competitors move - Follow the market
  • Weekly report on our progress toward your goals on Revenue, Sales, Gross Profit - Stay calm
  • The monthly growth Free Audit to adjust our focus if you will need it - We always align to your business strategy

Simple Pricing

from $2.5k/mo
from %2 of ad Sales (Minimum $4k/mo)
Manage all the main keywords by human
Monitor competitor’s moves to adjust Ad strategy
Dedicated PPC managers
PPC expert checks account
every $1000 spent
Amazon Sales Expert ( Revenue Manager) checks account
Growth call with our Co-Founders
Business related KPIs
Weekly Reports
Daily Listing Checks
Analyzing the User buying journey

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