Only the data you need to GROW your Amazon brand Everyday

aNavigator is a Revenue Management software for Amazon Brands. aNavigator combines your PPC and organic sales data to show you how to scale faster – without losing your profitability.

Pay only for the actual usage

Subscription price based on your monthly orders.
If you have more than 10,000 orders per month,
please contact us to discuss pricing.

Up to 1000 orders

$19 per month

Most Popular

1000-3000 orders

$39 per month

3000-10000 orders

$99 per month


Predict changes to your business before they happen

We analyze your PPC and sales data to help you understand, influence and even predict how your Amazon sales and conversion rate will change before it happens. That way, you can take action fast to prevent any loss of sales.

“First time I see a tool where I can manage my PPC and see how it affects organic sales. Now I use aNavigator every day to monitor conversion rates and grow my revenue with the data I get.”

Steve Anderson – Amazon FBA Seller from the USA, uses aNavigator to grow his revenue on Amazon

See how your PPC impacts your organic sales, and use it to scale profitably

Most sellers aren’t optimizing their PPC correctly because they can’t see how it’s impacting their organic conversions too. 

aNavigator takes into account both your paid and organic sales to calculate your “true ACoS”, so you can afford to spend more on ads while still growing your ranking and profit.

“Before I found aNavigator, I used three different tools to analyze my PPC and organic sales. aNavigator combines all this data in one place! After using it for a while, I lowered my ACoS and get a higher ROI on every dollar I invest in paid ads.”

Paul Jenkins – Amazon FBA Seller from Canada, dramatically lowered his ACoS with aNavigator

Stop guessing. Find out what’s actually impacting your sales and conversions

Optimized your listing? Increased your PPC budget? Or did a competitor just change their prices?

Our journal tracks the changes that you and your competitors make and shows the impact it’s having on your business. Now there’s no need for guesswork if your sales change.

“With aNavigator, I’m running experiments and see how they impact my sales. It’s a game-changer since I don’t need to guess or spend my time analyzing complex spreadsheets.”

Larry Moore – FBA Seller who uses aNavigator for rigorous experimentation

PPC management for busy Amazon Sellers

This guide will help you to take 80/20 out of your PPC management, increase your market share and focus newly generated cash-flow to extend your product lines.

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